AdSupply 2016 Outlook – Raising the Bar


AdSupply Display Advertising Network - Top 25 comScore - AdSupply 2016 Outlook

Raising the Bar for Excellence

As the first week of 2016 comes to a close, we’d like to thank our customers for their continued support, passion and partnership. Over the past year we have invested a significant amount of time, money and energy in making AdSupply™ ( the preferred Ad Network of choice for advertisers and publishers looking to get more out of their online advertising partnerships,

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our most notable initiatives in 2015.

Growth Through Strong Relationships

Our partners have helped us grow to a Top 25 US comScore Advertising Network and we have expanded to over 230 countries with a global reach of 175MM monthly uniques.

Thanks to successful partnerships with political powerhouses such as WND, Breitbart, The Blaze, Western Journalism, Washington Times, and Townhall, AdSupply became the #1 comScore ranked Conservative News Network. We are also proud to work with a variety of publishers like OK Magazine, Radar Online, Men’s Fitness, LA Weekly, the Chicago Sun Times, the Tribune Company and the many other amazing publishers who joined our network this year.

Improving Ad Viewability, Combatting Ad Fraud

AdSupply’s performance-centric approach provides advertisers with high-impact display inventory that has 5x higher user engagement than the industry standard and was ranked at 90%+ viewability by Moat, Google, and Forensiq. In addition, our amplified security measures for fraud prevention gave advertisers confidence in our platform with 99%+ Moat-measured human traffic.

Overcoming the Challenge of Adblock for Publishers

With the widespread adoption of Adblock toolbars, it is difficult for publishers to maintain revenue. AdSupply combated this trend with the launch of BlockIQ™, a patented Adblock bypass solution invented by AdSupply VP of Engineering, Adam Carasso.

BlockIQ™ bypasses Adblock toolbars giving back publishers the revenue they deserve. To further reveal untapped revenue, our patent-pending Before-You-Go™ ad format generated on average 10% increased revenue for publishers last year by monetizing bounce traffic while increasing user retention through the publisher RSS feed.

Publisher Security as a Top Priority

The best security comes at the intersection of state-of-the-art technology and human touch. That’s why we doubled our compliance team and expanded our integrations with RiskIQ (, a world leader in digital security. To proactively maintain the safest environment possible, we use a multi-pronged approach which helped several publishers actively identify and mitigate threats from other ad providers in 2015.

Continued Investment in Advertising Inventory

In our relentless quest to develop the best advertising inventory, we created the Full-Page Scroller™, our latest ad format for brand advertising and performance marketing. In beta-testing, this unit garnered some of the highest KPIs for Mozilla FireFox’s 2015 Q3-Q4 user acquisition campaign. Our Floating Banner™ also got a sleek facelift and updated options for delivery, helping brand partners including Caesars, NetGear, Paramount and WWE exceed their advertising goals in 2015.

Finally, in the face of multiple browser updates, our development team led the industry in maintaining the execution of a true “Leave-Behind” ad format, the preferred user experience for the Google Chrome browser.

Proven Results

With a continued focus on providing advanced technology, first-class customer service, and the highest-value advertising inventory on the Internet, we’ve significantly raised the bar for 2016.

Here’s to a successful year… and most importantly, we’d like to thank you, our valued customers, for your continued belief and partnership.