AdSupply CTO Forrest Parker in the Galapagos Islands


At AdSupply we work hard, but we also believe in seeing the beauty of this world and celebrating great moments in life. Our CTO Forrest Parker had one such journey on a week-long excursion aboard the Galapagos cruise ship M/V Evolution. Forrest is an amateur photographer and, after meeting Martha Stewart on his cruise, sent photos that were posted to her official blog.

Forrest and his wife Katherine got photos of amazing scenery and some truly unique wildlife.

In the ocean, they were treated to schools of spotted eagle rays, sea lions frolicking above the waves, and hammerhead sharks swimming down below. On land, everything from lightfoot crabs to lava lizards to the small Galapagos penguin made an appearance!

AdSupply CTO - Forrest Parker - Martha Stewart blog - Los Angeles - Galapagos - Katherine Parker - Martha Stewart

We’ve included a few of our favorite photos. To see all 50+, check the full article here. Thanks for the beautiful images Forrest and Katherine!