AdSupply Partners with BidSwitch to Enforce Non-Fraudulent Access for Clients and Publishers

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AdSupply, Inc. Partners with BidSwitch to Increase Demand and Reinforce Non-Fraudulent Access for Clients and Publishers

Los Angeles, Calif. (June 18, 2016) – AdSupply, Inc., a top ranking ad network that delivers viewable, high impact ad formats for brands, agencies and publishers, today announced a partnership with BidSwitch, a unique, one-to-many point of integration that connects platforms in the global programmatic ecosystem.

With over 130 buying partners, BidSwitch is set to light up demand for AdSupply inventory on a global scale. BidSwitch processes 20TB of data and listens to 100B bid requests per day, enabling a uniquely expansive, real-time view across the entire ecosystem, along with a fraud filtering system that is nearly impossible to rival.

BidSwitch’s VP of Commercial Development, Barry Adams, stated “AdSupply’s standard of providing quality ad tech and the guarantee of human viewability combined with the high standard of fraud prevention were key reasons BidSwitch selected AdSupply as a supply partner.”

AdSupply uses patented ad serving technology with direct integrations on over 1500+ publishers sites. AdSupply delivers ad formats that carefully balance viewability, user engagement, and user experience. With the release of June 2016 data, AdSupply is now a Top 5 comScore ranked ad network for News & Information.

About BidSwitch adsupply.comBidSwitch is redefining the industry with a new approach to platform integrations. Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch helps programmatic ad-tech and media companies overcome increasing marketplace complexity. We provide our partners with an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand at a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as a neutral, one-to- many integration, intelligently routing and filtering the bidstream to ensure optimized, non-fraudulent access for buyers and sellers.

Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 200 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, video, audio and native ecosystems, all via a single standardized integration. See for more information

About AdSupply, Inc.

AdSupply logo Los Angeles Ad Network AdSupply.comAdSupply creates patented, world-class ad tech that delivers viewable, high impact ad formats for brands, agencies and publishers looking to maximize ROI.

AdSupply’s simple philosophy: give advertisers and publishers the freedom to monetize. How do we accomplish this? By building the most powerful ad delivery tools in the digital marketplace, serving human-triggered ads that expose new and boost existing revenue streams, and balancing that all with a user experience that produces verified, industry-leading viewability and engagement metrics.

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AdSupply was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Culver City, California. For more information on careers, products and services, visit

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