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Team and technology are what make us tick.

Sunny Days & Monetizing Ways

From California to Texas to New Jersey, we’re proud of being an American-founded company with employees all over this great nation (and beyond).

Over the past decade, we’ve helped pioneer the balance between free speech & monetization, proving great tech doesn’t need to be Big Tech.

Our Team

Adam Carasso


Adam Bailey

Vice President, Product

Jessica Zelt

Vice President, Strategic Partners

Alex Labbett

Vice President, Sales

Greg Ayer


Russell Meisels


David Spielman

Director of Sales

Francesca Dunn

Head of Direct Publisher Sales

Jon Diaz (& Teddy)

Account Manager

Yuliia Gontar

Onboarding Account Specialist

Izabela Zielaskowska

Head of User Acquisition

Eugene Vorobiov

Head of Programmatic Demand

Olga Yanholenko

Head of Programmatic Supply

Natasha Topchiy

Programmatic Specialist

Mario Chica Rivas

Senior Performance Manager

Denis Goroh

Performance Manager

Aksinya Flegontova

Performance Manager

Marlene Pantaleon

Product Owner

Oleksandr Vorobiov

QA Manual Tester

Nilay Khandelwal

Senior Software Developer

Dmitry Romanchenko

Senior Software Developer

Stas Orlenko

Software Developer

Dmitriy Martyshchenko

Software Developer

Kelfi Batista

Software Developer

Graham Frank

Senior Network Engineer

Chris Buskirk

Network Engineer

Arturo Aguirre

IT Admin

Los Angeles Office

Local: (424) 298-8950
Toll Free: (888) 547-9666
10811 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

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Good Tech doesn’t mean Big Tech.
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