WE CONTINUE TO INVEST in developing unique ad formats that deliver high performance for advertisers and publishers. In our mission to create the most valuable ads on the web, we use real-time analytics to optimize viewability, attention, and interaction for every ad served.

Leave Behind

NON-INTRUSIVE, FULL-PAGE AD that engages visitors when they are finished consuming content.

  • Top-performing ad format for advertisers & publishers

  • Full-page ad experience displays when user closes publisher site

  • One of the only technologies serving a true leave-behind experience

Floating Banner™

HIGH PERFORMANCE BANNERS that display on user interaction and overcome banner blindness.

  • 90%+ viewability and 5X the interaction rate* of traditional banners

  • Get more performance out of standard IAB sizes (including 300×600)

  • Mobile dimensions include 300×250, 320×100, and 320×50


EXCLUSIVE, ATTENTION-GRABBING AD that scrolls into view. A premium ad experience designed for brand initiatives.

  • Initiates on-scroll or timed delay over specified page elements

  • Full-age ad experience gives advertisers 100% share of voice

  • Also ideal for video, half-page ads, and IAB Billboards (970×250)

Before You Go™

ENGAGE CONSUMERS WHEN THEY LEAVE their favorite sites. Reach a captive audience in a native environment.

  • Patent-pending exit intent tech displays at opportune moment

  • Content recommendation through publisher RSS feed

  • Capitalize on consumers looking to consume more content


Standard Banners

Above-the-fold placement guaranteed.


High viewbability & fully customizable.


Large-format display with 100% share of voice.

Content Blocker

A video commercial for the Internet.

WE ARE ON A RELENTLESS QUEST to develop the most effective ad formats by balancing viewability, timing, and user experience.

But, seeing is believing. Ask your AdSupply representative for a live demo today.