AdSupply Flies to Affiliate World Asia 2023

It’s AdSupply’s fourth year attending Affiliate World Asia 2023 and we couldn’t be more excited for one of the most dynamic conferences in advertising!

Running through Dec. 7th and 8th, AWA 2023 is not just a meeting point for industry professionals but also THE place for new insights in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Bangkok serves as an apt backdrop for this gathering. It’s a city that mirrors the diversity and dynamism of the digital advertising sector, known for its rapid growth and constant innovation.

For AdSupply, this event is particularly significant. We’re set to discuss a range of topics central to the future of digital advertising. These include

  • advancements in ad tech
  • strategies for effective monetization
  • tapping into exclusive audiences

Meet Us At Booth A57

Our time at Affiliate World Asia 2023 is more than worth the looong flight ✈️

It’s an opportunity to connect with our existing partners, understand your evolving needs, and forge new relationships.

We’ll be at Booth A57 with some fun ad demos and technical insight from our Programmatic, Performance, and Direct teams.

We’re excited to share our insights, learn from others, and contribute to the broader conversation about the future of digital advertising. As the industry continues to navigate through challenges and opportunities, events like Affiliate World Asia provide a crucial platform for collaboration and growth.

See you in Bangkok this December 7th & 8th, and safe travels to everyone!