Welcome to AdSupply’s New Look!

We’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on the first phase of our revamped platform look and feel, boasting a lighter and cleaner user interface.

This upgrade streamlines the user journey, from our new website to platform signup to managing Campaigns & Sites. You can now expect the same branding and UX across the board.

Our enhanced UI is not just about a refreshed, modern aesthetic—it’s about designing a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you, our awesome users.

Here’s what’s new in our latest redesign:

  • Lighter UI: We’ve taken a ‘less is more’ approach with our UI, adopting a lighter color scheme. The new palette is easy on the eyes and encourages focus on what’s important—seeing your data quickly and cleanly.
  • Improved Button Visibility: Key actions should be easy to find and simple to use, which is why we’ve significantly enhanced the visibility of key buttons.
  • Cleanup of Minor Elements: We’ve made several subtle tweaks and eliminated unnecessary elements to make your user experience more fluid and efficient.

This is just the first step in our ongoing efforts to enhance our UI, with many more exciting improvements already in the pipeline.

We are excited for this new chapter in our journey and cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the new and improved AdSupply experience.